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Volume 76 Reviews

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GASHI “My Year (feat. G-Eazy)”

Apologies to those who have been trying to keep Gashi a secret, but people need to know about him. The Libyan-born rapper, whose parents are war refugees, set up camp in Brooklyn in the late nineties and has been on a musical ascent since, originally using music to facilitate learning English. And on “My Year” it sounds like he has a better grasp on the language than some native English speakers. After all, it’s not every Brooklynite that gets to work with G-Eazy or the recently deceased Nipsey Hussle. “My Year” is essentially Gashi‘s coming-out anthem, where he raps about being “rich as f*ck” and “Every single city you mention me, yeah they know now”. Gashi raps with the kind of ferocity that connotes an insatiable hunger to improve. That’s what really stands out about this track, how smooth it is while dripping with the future promise for more.

G-Eazy “West Coast (feat. Blueface, ALLBLACK, and YG)”

This is the second time G-Eazy is mentioned in this list of reviews and this time it’s for “West Coast Remix.” In this collaborative venture, G-Eazy — who was introduced to the collective consciousness with “Me, Myself & I” (featuring Bebe Rexha) — makes no secret of his Oakland roots, as if the track’s title wasn’t a giveaway and he enlists the help of Blueface, ALLBLACK, and YG. “West Coast Remix” starts with G-Eazy spitting about his success “I’m coming this summer, safe to assume/I’m finna clean up using Golden State’s broom”. Subsequently, Blueface, ALLBLACK, and YG all have their turn, and while they each bring their various strengths waxing poetically about the … West Coast, it’s ALLBLACK that steals the guest spotlight with his particularly unrelenting flow. This “West Coast Remix” is definitely a banger and there’s a reason his last album took care of his grandchildren.

Kid Ink “Yuso (feat. Saweetie & Lil Wayne)”

Kid Ink, an apt name for the rapper with more than 100 tattoos dotting his body, has enlisted the help of elder statesman Lil Wayne and budding rapper Saweetie. “Yuso” starts with Kid Ink, who frankly I have to say sounds a lot like Tyga on this track, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Kid Ink raps in an almost hushed fashion like he’s telling you a secret about his rapper lifestyle and the nasty girls he’s singing about. Lil Wayne is like a breath of fresh air if only because it feels like the once larger-than-life rapper isn’t in the mainstream lexicon like a decade ago. Saweetie, not to be outdone by her colleagues, has some funny, sharp lines “I got 69 problems and cumming is not one … licked his way down south, good thing I waxed my cha cha”. We all may have 99 problems, but “Yuso” isn’t one.

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