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Volume 73 Reviews

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Indian Trap “Trapped”

Indian Trap is at it again, once more utilizing the talents of KresZenzia and bringing in Chris Scholar on his single “Trapped.” Indian Trap worked with KresZenzia earlier this year on his first single, “Look Like Monayyy” and the London-born DJ skillfully fuses authentic Indian sounds, flutes, vocal FXs blended with 808 trap drums in the single, which is further fueled by KresZenzia. With “Trapped”, Indian Trap wastes no time in delivering the goods as Chris Scholar’s vocals powerfully draw the listener with tinges of AutoTune sound before KresZenia starts spitting rhymes in conjunction with the Indian Bhangra sounds Indian Trap was brought up with. What Indian Trap does so well, as seen in “Look Like Monayyy” and continued in “Trapped”, is finding a nice halfway point through rap and hip-hop sounds and Indian Bhangra sounds that make the single stand out, favorably.

Maite Perroni “Bum Bum Dale Dale”

For the uninitiated, Maite Perroni may sound like an up-and-coming fashion designer—when in fact it is the name of Mexican actress and singer (and songwriter!) who has come out with “Bum Bum Dale Dale” featuring the talents of Reykon, a Colombian reggaeton artist. “Bum Bum Dale Dale” boasts the sultry vocals of Perroni with the unmistakable thumping beat associated with reggaeton, boosted by Reykon. Despite the entire song being in Spanish, the language barrier doesn’t lessen the listening experience and if anything, adds a mysterious hue to the overall song’s composition. If Google Translate happens to be down, just go ahead and lose yourself in “Bum Bum Dale Dale.”

Granny 4 Barrel “She Likes Guns”

If you’ve never heard the term “Neo-Victorian shock rock nightmare” used to describe a band … well, join the crowd. And yet, somehow that description is as fitting as one could possibly be for the band Granny 4 Barrel. The band’s front … er … person is almost like a character in a Rob Zombie flick—think cross-dresser who looks like someone’s heavy-metal-loving grandma. Couple her … uh, him, with a guitarist, drummer and fiddle player and wrap them in a steampunk-looking package, and you have Granny 4 Barrel. The quartet from upstate New York has two new tunes showcased on the latest installment of StripJointsMusic.com: “She Likes Guns” and “Freak Flag.”

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