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Volume 71 Reviews

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Iggy Azalea “Kream”

The Sydney sensation is back with “Kream,” the lead single from her EP Survive the Summer. Utilizing the talents of rapper Tyga, “Kream” features Iggy’s sultry rap tones with Tyga lurking in the background until he surfaces two-thirds of the way through the song. This song can clearly be a banger, though it lacks the entertaining wordplay of a “Fancy” or “Black Widow,” the songs that introduced Iggy to the masses. Lyricism notwithstanding, “Kream” (which is a reference to Wu-Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M.) does have the subject matter and the bass to be heard in any club worth its audio equipment.

David Guetta feat. Anne-Marie “Don’t Leave Me Alone”

One of the highest-paid DJs in the world somehow still has time to record hits, and his newest one features English singer Anne-Marie, who released her debut studio album earlier this year. While Guetta is an icon in the DJing industry, “Don’t Leave Me Alone” will likely serve as many listeners’ first foray into Anne-Marie, who masterfully balances the line between chanteuse and rapper. As with most Guetta songs, the key is knowing your audience, which for most Guetta songs is anyone that’s out and about.

Yung Bleu “Ice On My Baby”

Yung Bleu’s star is ascending and with “Ice On My Baby” he hopes to follow up the success he had with “Miss It” in 2017. The Mobile, Alabama native opens this song with a sleepy croon before smoothly transitioning to rap. Bleu has talked about maturing with his music and while the lyrics aren’t necessarily touching on sensitive or provocative material, the laid-back pace of the song reflects an artist realizing his potential.

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