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Volume 64 Reviews

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Iggy Azalea “Mo Bounce”

Iggy Azalea has been relatively quiet since her breakout fame from 2014 with The New Classic, which spawned “Fancy” and “Black Widow.” She had planned for her second album’s release in 2016, but a split with her fiance meant music had to take a backseat to calibrate her personal life. But the voluptous rapper from Down Under is back with her second single off her upcoming album Digital Distortion, “Mo Bounce,” which could be a nod to her 2013 single, “Bounce.” The 2017 iteration, “Mo Bounce,” is a reference to the movement a woman’s derriere makes. But based on the lyrics which point to partying in a club all night long, the titular word could also refer to a sound system turned up incredibly loud. But the repetitive nature of the song — Azalea says the word ‘Bounce’ 133 times — leaves something to be desired and probably won’t achieve her previous heights.

YG “Pop It Shake It”

Compton-based rapper YG, who made inroads in the music industry with his debut single, “Toot It and Boot It,” a popular club song, is out with a single from his upcoming mixtape Just Re’d Up 3: Know Your Worth. It stands to reason then, that this track by YG talks about the moves an entertainer makes at an adult club. He doesn’t waste much time either, with a line about trying to get a lap dance with his eyes closed. But it’s not all objectification here as YG goes on to rap about the woman’s ambition by making it out of the struggle, “I respect her hustle, yeah/…put her in a mansion, yeah.” The chorus features YG rapping about the gyrations of an entertainer, “Let me see you pop it like rubber bands … Can you sit it all in my right hand?” In conjunction with some of his past numbers, this song also lends itself perfectly to any adult nightclub.

Airbourne “It’s All for Rock N’ Roll”

If there’s such a thing as being “more AC/DC than AC/DC,” then Airbourne fits that mold. Airbourne, like AC/DC, was born in Australia, and they sound as if they’re a seamless mix of the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras. In Airbourne’s case, they have Angus Young, Bon Scott and Brian Johnson rolled up into one with lead vocalist/lead guitarist Joel O’Keeffe. But on “It’s All For Rock N’ Roll” (from their latest disc Breakin’ Outta Hell), it’s all about the late, great Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. While the music is vintage Airbourne, the song is all about the legacy of the legend that is Lemmy. It’s a bad-ass, in-your-face rocker, just like the man himself. Spin it, and rock the hell out.

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