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Volume 63 Reviews

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Sean Paul “Tek Weh Yuh Heart”

Sean Paul is back at it again with this single, featuring Tory Lanez. The song trademarks Paul’s reggae-infused, Caribbean delivery while Lanez croons as part of the chorus and duets with Paul on the third verse. The song makes for a dance-ready track that alternatively is the perfect background music for a more relaxed atmosphere. Paul is a mainstream media stay thanks to his work with acts such as Beyonce, Jay Sean and more recently Sia on “Cheap Thrills,” which attained the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. While “Tek Weh Yuh Heart,” doesn’t necessarily possess that kind of catchiness or affinity for continuous radio play, it’s a track that harkens back more to Paul’s musical identity.

Trina “Damn”

Trina is one of those acts that is known by a single name. Her accomplishments and consistency in the hip-hop game have garnered her a stellar reputation and she—of course—lives up to it with this track. It’s also indicative of how busy Tory Lanez has been as he was featured on a previously reviewed track collaborating with Sean Paul. This track’s title, and more specifically Lanez’s opening, is paying homage to thick-booty women, “Jumpin’ up and down just to fit it in your jeans, girl.” Trina has some great wordplay, which is to be expected, but this track isn’t a Top-100 darling, it’ll get its play in more hip-hop-driven clubs.

Alesso “Falling”

The opening of this track, stylistically and vocally, are very reminiscent of Ariana Grande or Rihanna. It’s easy to forget this song is from a Swedish DJ until you reach the break. Unfortunately for this song, there really isn’t much to it in terms of lyrical content. The song in unequivocally true to its title as “falling” is mentioned a whopping 40 times in this song. “Falling” won’t see the kind of radio play that some of Alesso’s contemporaries have had with some of their tunes, but there’s a reason Alesso is sought in high demand for the DJing scenes. This song, while repetitive and somewhat bland, is still bumping enough to find a niche.

Jeremih “I Think of You”

Jeremih is back at it with this club-inspired tune. “I Think Of You” also features Chris Brown and previous collaborator Big Sean. The song opens with a hauntingly catchy, instrumental 20 seconds before Jeremih cuts through with his verse. It is an ode to a woman who is on his mind after the night they shared and he woke up to an empty be, “It been on my brain all day replayin’ … I miss every minute … My love for you has been a damn dimension.” Chris Brown steps in with his signature vocal style before both Brown and Jeremih croon. Big Sean provides the relaxing ending to the song, because although he raps the fastest, it’s the least sung — so it compliments the first two-thirds of the song. This song wants to be a club topper, and while it may not be number one, it should have DJs considering it for some play time.

Big Sean “Bounce Back”

This track serves as the lead single off Big Sean’s fourth album, I Decided. Based off the very beginning, it’s not hard to hear Kanye West’s influence in the subtle guiro-like sound played in the background. The song is a testament to bouncing back from any defeat or slight. Case and point, the first line of the song “Last night took a L, but tonight I bounce back.” Of course, “Bounce Back” takes on a more suggestive meaning in the hook when he raps about how a woman’s ass bounces back. But beyond its made-for-a-club beat, it’s clear Big Sean is using this song as a vehicle for his own resilience. A lot of critics will point to Big Sean’s level of stardom as a direct result of West and his G.O.O.D. label, but Big Sean is stating in this track that his own work ethic has gotten him where he is, albeit it with some good fortune.

DED “Anti Everything”

Arizona-based alt-metal rockers DED has introduced their own brand of raw, aggressive and unapologetic style that mixes horror and dark imagery to develop a familiar, yet unique sound that sets them apart from other bands. As the band suggests, “If HR Geiger’s art work had a soundtrack, it would be DED. Part Korn, part Limp Bizkit, part Linkin Park—yet with more in-yer-face attitude than either of those—DED his hard and shows no quarter.

Sean Paul “No Lie”

This song hooks you from the beginning with Dua Lipa’s background vocals “Get the vibe it’s gonna be lit tonight,” before Sean Paul opens by rapping about a woman’s enticing shape. But clearly it isn’t just the physicality that attracts Paul, who doffs his cap to the woman in question “It’s a good piece of mentals under the cap/Hot piece of gear, mami love all your chat.” This song is definitely prime for a gentlemen’s club as Paul raps “hypnotic, the way you move.” Ultimately, the song’s title is an ode to how he feels earnest about this woman. He says as much in the second verse and admits he doesn’t think ladies like it when an interested man beats around the bush. Dua Lipa’s vocals are a nice compliment to Paul’s rapping which makes this track a legitimate nightclub banger.

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