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Volume 61 Reviews

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Fetty Wap “Make You Feel Good”

Released in August, this track opens with a chilling opening reminiscent of a twisted carousel before giving way to its female hook. It’s easy to place the voice behind “Trap Queen,” as Fetty Wap uses his Auto Tuned drawl in his verses. With its two-minute run time, no imitable liquor brand reference (1738) and limited lyrics, this song isn’t likely to make you feel as fabulous as what landed Fetty Wap on the map.

Bibi Bourelly “Ballin’”

If you’ve never heard Bibi Bourelly, you might mistake her for Rihanna with the start of this song. The voices are strikingly similar but once the subject matter comes up, the difference is blinding. Part broke-college-student anthem, part “Thriftstore” homage, “Ballin’” details the effortlessness of the artist’s ability to not let her financial reality impede on her life. Losing her job at Old Navy, working at the corner store, feasting on Ramen and pushing around a Camry with the engine light is no plight for this diva. This song is a pop reminder that sometimes it’s the not-so-finer things, like a Slim Jim and a 40, are all you need to be awesome.

Pusha T “Circles”

Pusha T, of Clipse fame, teams up with fellow rappers Desiigner and Ty Dolla Sign to drop this track. Pusha T is the president of Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, which has Desiigner on it label. And Ty Dolla Sign has been a breakout star to the masses by being featured on hits “Work  from Home” and “Sucker for Pain.” Featuring clever word play “if we on the same accord/I’ll take you out that Honda Civic” and “Make it rain ’til it’s purple,” from both guests, this song probably won’t see major radio play but could be a club track if for nothing more than its hook.

Chrysalis “My Eternity” 

Chrysalis is an indie-metal rock outfit that may be a well-kept secret on the verge of being let out. Despite only clocking in at 2:50 with just a handful of lyrics, “My Eternity” packs a punch and kicks things up a few notches beyond Chrysalis’ more typical sound. The track, from Chrysalis’ forthcoming album Reminder, does an impressive job of appeasing both the indie and metal aficionados found within their fanbase.

Trapt “It’s Over”

While “nu metal” as a thriving genre didn’t survive, there are a handful of bands from that era who did. With a dedicated fan base in tow, these handful of bands adapted, morphed and proved to be more than simply the flavor of the day. Trapt is one such band, and the California-based quartet celebrated their 20th year in existence by releasing the album DNA. One of the standout tracks from DNA, “It’s Over,” is featured on the latest installments of StripJointsMusic. Though more subdued than “Headstrong,” the song that broke them into heavy mainstream rock rotation in 2002, “It’s Over” provides the backdrop to a breakup, one that just about anyone can relate to.

Kody Woah “Kardashian”

A hip-hop ballad of sorts, “Kardashian” seems aptly titled as artist Kody Woah starts this track with a tickling of the ivories. The song is about upgrading anything; be it a shoddy shack to the Playboy Mansion or as the song would have it, a “basic bitch” to a “Kardashian.” He raps about his claim of making himself into something from nothing. The track is playful yet contemplative and given its relative infancy (a posting date of June 1 on YouTube) yet headline-grabbing name, the track is sure to have that Kardashian-publicity-hoarding touch.

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