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Volume 58 Reviews

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Hellyeah “I Don’t Care Anymore”

I have a confession to make (and as a card-carrying member of the metal community, it is a bonafide confession). When I was 13, one of my favorite artists was Phil Collins. It had something to do with my then-obsession with Miami Vice (this was 1985, after all). And my favorite Phil track, bar none, was “I Don’t Care Anymore.” It was stark. It was angry. It was intense. Which makes it surprising that no metal bands ever considered covering it—until now. Hellyeah, the metal “supergroup” featuring former members of Mudvayne, Pantera and Nothingface, put their stamp on the track without taking away from the original track’s emotional intensity. Pantera fans should also be extremely interested in giving this track a listen, as the song’s guitar solo was provided by none other than the late “Dimebag” Darrell, brother of Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul (apparently, the brothers had worked up a cover of the Collins track before Dime was murdered on stage in 2004). – Dave Manack

Dirty Heads “That’s All I Need”

Mix a little ‘90s hip-hop with some ska punk and a casual SoCal groove, and you get a glimpse into the style and sound of the Dirty Heads track, “That’s All I Need.” The Huntington-Beach-based quintet has a sound reminiscent of their contemporaries Sublime, who also, appropriately enough, called Huntington Beach home (the band still exists as Sublime with Rome, following the passing of former Sublime frontman Brad Nowell in 1996). The band dubs it their “summertime anthem,” and it definitely has that sun’s up, top’s down, feel-good vibe. Grab a Corona and chill to this old-school-meets-new-school party rocker.

Lil Durk ft. Ty Dolla $ign “She Just Wanna”

The familiar vocal characteristic of auto-tune has become a staple of the hip-hop club track, a sound which is delivered quite effectively by Lil Durk with his latest collaboration, “She Just Wanna.” Durk raps, Ty sings the hook, while production comes courtesy of Chopsquad DJ. The sultry jam is a no-brainer play for the strip clubs, and the lyrics are on-point as well: “Way that she twerkin’; Lil mama, she good and she perfect; I gave you my number, so work it.” – Kristofer Kay

Gnarly World ft. Flo Rida “Hoes In The House”

Earlier in 2016 Flo Rida had a Billboard Hot 100 hit with “My House,” which reached No. 4. Flo Rida has been releasing songs from his upcoming album The Perfect 10, including “Hello Friday,” “Who’s With Me” and on May 20, “Who Did You Love” with Arianna. This new team-up with Gnarly World on “Hoes in the House” is the latest jam, and could propel both up the Billboard charts and onto a strip club’s playlist. – Kristofer Kay

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