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This scintillating play has us worshipping at the Church of Stripper


Joana Nastari is set to wreak havoc at The Edinburgh Festival. The British-Brazilian entertainer has tumbling dark hair, a fierce hazel-eyed gaze and flushed cheeks. With a high-kick, her leg flicks out from behind the stage curtain and she runs her foot – clad in towering transparent platforms and pink sparkly socks – along its edge. Her rhinestoned magenta trouser suit would make Elton blush. However, it’s her words, not her garb, that sting.

Fuck You Pay Me (FYPM) is a show about strippers, for strippers, by a stripper. Written and performed by Nastari, it had its humble debut last year inside a camping tent at a festival. Fast forward to now, and it has just finished a sell-out, award-winning run at Vault Festival and smashed its Kickstarter target to go to The Edinburgh Festival.

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