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The Story Behind Def Leppard’s Strip Club Glam Classic “Pour Some Sugar on Me”


In this episode of The Story Behind the Song, join Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott as he chats with host Peter Csathy about the unlikely story of how “Pour Some Sugar on Me” went from a late addition to the band’s second album, Hysteria, to ultimately one of the band’s signature songs.

Now universally known, “Pour Some Sugar on Me” wasn’t always the smash hit it would become. From the song almost being left on the cutting room floor to the lukewarm reception upon its initial release, the track seemed to be nothing special. But thanks to dance culture — particularly that of American strip clubs — the song found its footing and climbed the charts. Now it stands a classic of its time, instantly recognizable whenever it plays.

In his interview, Elliott explains how the writing of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” began when he was playing around during a tea break, and how producer Robert “Mutt” Lange immediately forced the group to add the song to the album. Elsewhere, the Def Leppard lead singer humbly reflects on the group’s success and so much more: how he came up with the band’s name, why they changed the spelling, and their connection to Def Jam.

Listen to the full conversation with Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott about the story behind “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and more in this episode, and watch some of the interview highlights below. Then make sure to like, review, and subscribe to TSBTS wherever you get podcasts for updates on all our new episodes.

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