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Stripjointsmusic + City Girls = Cash for these girls!


For over a decade, Bob Chiappardi’s Concrete Marketing and StripJointsMusic.com have been the conduit between musicians and bands, adult club DJs and entertainers. With StripJointsMusic.com, club DJs get a FREE DJ pool featuring many songs directed specifically at the strip club industry.

But that’s not all that Bob and StripJointsMusic do with the adult nightclub industry. Through record labels and major concert tours, Bob has coordinated in-club promotions (featuring ticket giveaways for national concert festivals) as well as online promotions for cash prizes.

One such online/social media promotion recently concluded with a cash giveaway at the 2018 Expo at the Hard Rock Vegas. Featuring the artist City Girls and the new track “I’ll Take Your Man,” Bob asked feature entertainers to share the City Girls’ video and song or record their own videos. The post that received the most “likes” and “shares” would receive $1,500, while the post with the second-most likes and shares got $500.


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