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5 Musicians Who Made It in Porn: Naughty by Nature, Biohazard, Andrea True and More (but No Coolio)


The hot rumor at the moment—thanks to the stellar reporting at TMZ—is that rapper Coolio struck a record deal with Pornhub, a must-see web marketplace for lonely men everywhere.

The performer set the record straight with Rolling Stone this week—he only released one promo song for the site, not an entire album!—but he wouldn’t be the first musician to find money in the sex video industry. And we’re not talking about recording soundtracks. Check out the list of performers who have made the jump from one platform to the other.

05) Treach from Naughty By Nature

If we had to pick a member of any late ’80s hip-hop group who would later enter the pornography industry, we’d probably pick someone from the 2 Live Crew. But Naughty By Nature isn’t a bad guess, especially considering that the group’s biggest single, “O.P.P.,” was an acronym for a woman’s genital area, and specifically accessing it while her significant other is around. Member Treach demonstrated his expertise with the subject matter for 2002’s Treach’s Naturally Naughty Porno Movie. In his defense, the emcee’s also landed bit parts in HBO series such as Oz, Empire and The Sopranos. Plus the lead in the 2013 mockbuster Atlantic Rim.

04) Sasha Grey

Quick, name the first electronic music performer that you know has appeared in pornographic films. What, Paris Hilton? Oh. We were referring to Sasha Grey, an award-winning porn star who made the jump to more wholesome forms of entertainment. Grey makes regular DJ appearances but her most involved music project was much less dance happy. Her group withIan Cinnamon, aTelenine, dropped four albums before she left the group. There is absolutely nothing sexy about the industrial/noise band, unless you’re turned on by very weird things.

03) Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard

Ever heard of Evan Seinfeld? No? Well he’s the bassist and vocalist for heavy metal band Biohazard, one of the originators of rap metal. You’re more likely to have heard of his ex-wife Tera Patrick, one of the more established names in the adult film industry. Seinfeld started his own porn company with his then wife, appearing in films himself under the awesome alias “Spyder Jonez.” Plus he only performed with Patrick…which is almost cute. The pair got divorced in 2009 but remains business partners. He’s since moved on to vocalist and porn starLupe Fuentes.

02) Andrea True 

Andrea True never intended to become a hit vocalist when she came to New York City as a youth, but we imagine she was trying to land more mainstream acting roles before starring in more than 50 porn flicks. She happened to be in Jamaica recording a television commercial when a coup prevented her from traveling back home. During the downtime she hooked up (not like that…pervert) with songwriter Gregg Diamond, who got her to provide vocals for the disco-style track “More, More, More.” Released under the name Andrea True Connection, the song would become a hit and rise to no. 4 on the Hot 100. She would release a total of three disco albums as part of her side job.

01) Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy has become a cult figure recognizable to millions thanks to his successes in the world of pornography, even if many of us have never laid eyes on his work. Thanks to that recognizability, he’s made appearances in dozens of music videos. He released his own hip-hop track, “Freak of The Week,” which despite its obvious comical nature, rose to no. 95 on the rap charts. More excellent however was the exclusive 7″ record that Jeremy performed for Record Store Day 2014, Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music with Ron Jeremy. The actor plays piano while providing comments on the works of Bach and Beethoven. It might not be as big as Aerosmith’s big 10-inch record, but we hear it’s all in how you play it. Lo, our local record store didn’t get any in its shipment.

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