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Oregon’s Stripper Lobby: Legislators Ask Exotic Dancers for Help


According to the Strip Club Guide released this summer by Portland’s alt-weekly Willamette Week, “Portland’s strip clubs are Portlandy: fueled by indie rock, local beer, Oregon spirits and self-sure dancers who move to their own beat and will have any mook who tries to fondle them tossed into the street without a second thought.”

It makes sense that the same city that birthed the Suicide Girls phenomenon would also be populated with alt-strippers; many of Portland’s favorite entertainers are tattooed head-to-toe, with candy colored hair and Converse or ballet slippers onstage in place of the traditional clear plastic stilettos. Some dance sarcastically to Lonely Island’s “Dick in a Box,” while others have been known to wear vampire fangs while performing pole acrobatics worthy of Cirque Du Soleil.

The clubs themselves are odd too: whether it’s Devil’s Point allowing patrons to sing onstage with dancers at ‘Stripperoke’ or ladies disrobing to tunes blaring from a vintage jukebox on Mary’s Club’s Twin Peaks-like red lit stage, most tourists have never seen anything quite like the inside of a Portland strip club.

Read the full Daily Beast article here.

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