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Move over Macy’s… Strip club unveils their own holiday window display


MANHATTAN (PIX11) — A strip club in Manhattan is giving Macy’s some holiday window display competition.

Vivid Cabaret unveiled their new window display Wednesday complete with strip club dancers clad in Christmas-themed outfits.

“This is our way of giving back to New York City, this is our answer to the holiday windows that the Department stores have,” said Shaun Kevlin, regional manager of the club.

The window on West 37th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue has people looking, some taking photos and many forming their own opinions.

Vivid Cabaret unveiled their new holiday window display Wednesday.

“I think it’s fun and different, and I’m actually a fan of the black and red for Santa colors,” said passerby Taleena Herkenhoff.

Entertainers will be in the window sporadically, Kevlin said, and will be through sometime during the first week in January.

“It’s been pretty good, you know, I mean it’s funny because you see the head turn, and the people not expecting to see that in the window, and kind of looking, you’ve seen a lot of people with their cell phones out, you know videoing the situation, it’s been really nice,” said Kevlin.

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