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Matt Barnes Praises NYC Strip Club


“Its a great gesture … and they’ve got A LOT of talent at Scores … but knowing [Carmelo Anthony], he just did what’s best for him.”
— Matt Barnes

We broke the story … the world famous Scores strip club in NYC offered Anthony free lapdances for LIFE if he re-signed with the Knicks. He did. Scores feels like the offer was a huge factor.

But L.A. Clippers star Matt Barnes tells TMZ Sports … that while the thought of a lifetime supply of FREE stripper love is mighty generous, ya gotta use the right head when it comes to your career.

In fact, Barnes — who was hanging at the Alex Thomas Celebrity Golf Classic in L.A. this week — told us exactly what he would do in the same situation.

As for Scores, we’re told they’re already preparing to congratulate Anthony — and deliver on their offer … which included a personal cheerleading squad and a drink in the club named after ‘Melo.

No word when (or if) ‘Melo plans on collecting.

Source: TMZ.com.

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