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Kings “Shake! Shake! Shake!” Up The Nest


How could The Inoculated Canaries have any clue a 35-year-old family friend would be the precursor to future success for some of the band members?

For Michael Rubin, who was on TIC, the idea started to form when James Terranova—the 35-year-old’s nephew—showed up to an audition after adulthood claimed another victim. 

“James is the only one who showed up,” recalls Rubin. “I thought it was weird he played drums the wrong way because he’s a lefty. Honestly, as the only to show up, he got the gig.”

The pair of Canaries, Rubin and Terranova, have flown the coop and grown into King Falcon, a rock band that recently released “Shake! Shake! Shake!”.

The band has even initiated a social media COVID-19 challenge for high schoolers. The challenge was also picked up by PANDA’s Danny Meyers, who helped promote the video on Facebook.

ED Magazine spoke with King Falcon—on behalf of StripJointsMusic.com about their new single, transitioning from TIC to King Falcon, and how the New York-based band is coping with COVID-19.

Read the rest of the interview here

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