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Kevin Hart Gave Josh Gad $1,000 to Spend at Strip Club: Why He “Tried to Steal” the Money Instead!


Kevin Hart brought Wedding Ringer co-star Josh Gad along with him to a strip club—a “black strip club,” actually, the latter revealed on Wednesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

For those wondering, Hart explained there’s “a big difference” between a black and non-black strip club. “When you go to a predominately white strip club there’s more modeling and posing and these moments,” he said. “The hair is flung and staring at you. It’s a little odd to me. I don’t like the eye contact, but when you go to the urban world there’s what you call booty popping and tricks.

“So what I did was, I wanted my friend, this man’s my friend, and I said, ‘Josh you’ve got to have this experience just to say you had one,'” he said. “So I got a thousand ones. I got a thousand ones and I gave them to Josh and I said you have to show appreciation by throwing—”

This is where Gad cut him off. “No, that’s not what you said,” he told him laughingly. “You told me to do this…” (He then made the universally known ‘make it rain’ gesture.)

Making it rain,” said DeGeneres, understanding the hand motions better than Gad.

“I call it losing hard cash,” he quipped. “So I’m a Jew. I asked Kevin if I could keep the money to put my kids through school.”

“He tried to keep it!” Hart exclaimed. “He tried to keep it!”

And while Gad admitted he wanted to “invest it in an IRA,” Hart urged him to give the money to the ladies to show some appreciation. Only, because of Gad’s “pudgy hands,” his attempt at making it rain didn’t exactly go over well.

Watch the hilarious clip above to find out what happened!

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