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Interview The ED Pub

Few thrills in the music industry match the chance to work with your idols.

For Alden Martin and Jesse Fischer, the members of the producing/DJ duo VAVO, that chance came in the form of guest mixing on Tiesto’s CLUBLIFE.

“It was huge for us,” say Martin and Fischer. “When we were asked to do the mix, we didn’t even think it was real. We knew we had something people liked, that’s for sure, but getting invited to be a guest on CLUBLIFE is a huge deal! We both were avid listeners of the radio show for years, so getting the invite felt surreal. The funny part is, we never expected to have one of our songs featured on the show and then all of a sudden, we’re now doing a guest mix?! Unreal.”

On behalf of StripJointsMusic.com, ED Magazine spoke with VAVO about how the group started despite being in two different countries separated by eight time zones, how the group is musically faring with COVID, and their newest single “Day N’ Night.”

Excerpt from article posted on ExoticDancer.com read the full interview here

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