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ED: Missio Interview for StripJoints


Matthew Brue didn’t realize he wanted to be a musician.

Sure, he played piano and sang in choirs as a kid.

But it took a harrowing experience to shed light on his fateful vocation.

“It was going into rehab and utilizing songwriting as a way to get how I was feeling out that culminated into everyone being like ‘You’re really good at what you’re doing, you should look into that,” says Brue. “At the time, my focus was I don’t know if I’m going to survive the next three years. I need to get my shit together before I even consider that. But realizing and recognizing how healing it was to write songs is really what helped me go ‘As of right now, I need to do this because I want to survive. This is helping me with my addictions and I’m going to keep doing it.’”

Brue believes the message Missio, the duo he constitutes with producer and instrumentalist David Butler, conveys carries over to their fan base.

“There are people who feel that same way and they go MISSIO’s songs are speaking to me and are helping me survive,” says Brue. “I’m honored to call myself a musician now, looking at it seven years later.”

Missio, which is Latin for “mission,” sports an alternative/electronic sound with beat-driven hip-hop undertones. Atmospheric and expressive, this electro-alternative act is keen on a spirit of experimentation. On behalf of StripJoints.com, ED Magazine spoke with MISSIO about the duo’s musical evolution, European crowds and their single “Vagabond.” 


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