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ED Interview: Big Homie Ty.Ni


Excerpt from article originally published on Exoticdancer.com, written by Eugenio Torrens. You can read the full article here

“On the basketball court, Atlanta-based rapper Big Homie Ty.Ni may have been eyeing an open teammate or swishing in a fade-away jumper. Ty.Ni started playing basketball at 5 and kept it up her whole life through high school. “I lost my dribble, but I still know how to shoot. It’s my favorite sport,” she says.

However, her basketball prowess actually fine-tuned Ty.Ni’s skills for a future endeavor. Ty.Ni spent time as an entertainer at gentlemen’s clubs before her musical breakout and says her basketball life “helped with my rhythm, bobbin’ and weaving” on the stage as a dancer. Ty.Ni flaunts those moves in the video for her aptly titled track “Jelly.”

ED Magazine caught up with Big Homie Ty.Ni, courtesy of Bob Chiappardi and StripJointsMusic.com, to ask about her musical influences, her stage fright(!?) and, of course, her single “Jelly.””

-Written by Eugenio Torrens, Exotic Dancer Magazine (2021)

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