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ED: French electronic artist, Rosenfeld, talks “Like U”


“Hailing from a family of classically trained musicians, Simon Nathan Rosenfeld is no stranger to pressure—familial pressure that is.

But, it’s also allowed Rosenfeld to hone his skills and grants him a sounding-off board.

“I run my music through my sister, mom and dad and definitely not anyone else,” says Rosenfeld, a French singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer from Paris.

Rosenfeld, who identifies himself as an independent artist, started his solo project in March 2018, fusing his alternative and rock influence with his knowledge of electronic music. From fake AI generated speeches to songs about sex, search of oneself, grief, murder or abusive relationships, Rosenfeld creates a dark and ominous atmosphere in his songs through cryptic lyrics and highly processed sounds.

“(My music) is not representative of the teaching I got when I was young because it was a lot of classical music,” says Rosenfeld. “You won’t hear violins in my music, at least not yet. Maybe soon.”

On behalf of StripJointsMusic.com, ED Magazine spoke with Rosenfeld about being an indie artist, music making in the time of COVID-19 and his latest track “like u.””

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