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ED: Be Still “Oh My Heart”


Excerpt from article originally published in Exotic Dancer Magazine. Written by Eugenio Torrens. Find the full interview here

Tacboy felt legacy coursing through him.

Hardly a surprise, given it’s literally in his blood. Tacboy, who has dropped “Oh My Heart”, is the son of Chicago house vocalist Pepper Gomez, who also worked on the track.

“Very cool to do a song that was in her genre of house,” says Tacboy. “I’m used to recording alone or with my brother in the complete dark but it was definitely beneficial to have another singer in the studio with me. My brother and I don’t really have songs like that, but she told me to make it my own, so that’s what I did. I tend to get wasted when making music and it was funny to see my mom experience my creative process.”

ExoticDancer.com spoke with Tacboy courtesy of StripJointsMusic.com about his familial single “Oh My Heart”, Jim Morrison’s influence on him and performing alongside his brother.

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