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Diamonds and Blood will Make You Feel Alive


Mix equal parts pressure, blood, sweat and tears, and you have Taylor Diambrini‘s recipe for his one-man-band Diamonds and Blood.

Diambrini—who counts Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson among his influences—says the journey to this point has come full circle as he started in 2004 pursuing bands. “I’ve been in everything from metal-core to post-hardcore to alternative rock,” says Diambrini. “After being in a few bands and trying to hop in on bandwagons, I started taking a walk, metaphorically speaking, as a songwriter, and started developing my musicianship and the lights turned on. I wanted to get back to what I started doing in the first place—rock music. I started developing my sound probably a year or two ago for what is now Diamonds and Blood.”

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