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Christmas 2014: Strip Club Play Set Includes Bikini-Clad Strippers, Pole, Real LED Lights





Looking for the perfect gift for someone with a fetish for strip clubs and Legos this Christmas season? The Daily Caller is here to help.

You obviously need look no further than this strip-club play set complete with two bikini-and-fishnet-clad strippers, a stripper pole (of course), a faintly Asian deejay and even a mustachioed dude sporting a bow tie, a disco-era hairdo and an impressively hairy chest.

The adult-themed toy is available for pre-order from Citizen Brick, a Chicago-based company, for just $275. The company bills the product as “The Citizen Brick Center for the Performing Arts” — a “place where dreamers can dream, and dancers can dance. And dream. And also dance.”

The name of the miniature strip club is “Foxy Blox.” The club’s “interior” features foil-stamped wall pieces, real LED lights (batteries included) and several other elements including a turntable, a “Girls! Girls! Girls!” poster and tiny piles of plastic cash.

There’s even zebra-themed couches and a palm tree, to assure you, the buyer, that this strip club is a classy joint and not some dive, notes the Daily Mail.

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