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Band Of Skulls DJ Intro Contest / Cash Prize $250!

Band of Skulls DJ Intro Contest

Cash Prize $250!
~You must be a registered StripJoints Music DJ to register. You can register here.~

We are looking for the most compelling, kick-ass, dynamic stage introduction
for the kick-ass song “Hoochie Coochie” by Band Of Skulls.
Simply video, or audio, record yourself at your club with your iPhone or other handheld device introducing one of your dancers to the stage to the song “Hoochie Coochie”.
Chat up the song in your intro and email the Mp3 or Quicktime file to contact@stripjointsmusic.com.
Include your name, club, city and state and you are all set.
We will pick the top 10 intros and send them to the band for final winning choice.  Easy!!


Rules (there are always rules)
1) You must be a registered DJ with StripJoints Music (you can join here: http://stripjointsmusic.com/landing/
2) You must submit your intro no later than JULY 24 2014 (include name, club, city, state)
3) Winner will be announce on StripJoints Music site AUGUST 11, 2014


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