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‘Bad Grandpa’: Go Behind The Outrageous Strip Club Scene [Via MTV.com]


mgid-uma-content-mtv…Also pretty nuts was the strip club scene, which finds Knoxville’s Zisman at an all-male revue showing off a little too much.

“I was so excited to get there. I knew we were going to get gold, and I knew there was a real chance of it going wrong,” Knoxville explained. Over the course of the night spent talking to strip-club patrons, Knoxville had “a couple of drinks.” And by the time the strippers actually went on, “I’m hammered … and I’m no longer [grandpa] Irving Zisman! I’m a drunk Johnny Knoxville, and I’m jumping over rails. … That strip club is one of the best things we ever shot.”

Read more: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1716285/bad-grandpa-johnny-knoxville-strip-club.jhtml


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