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A French photographer offers an unexpected view of the United States — through its many strip clubs


CNN — 

Some people travel the world in search of adventure, while others seek out natural wonders, cultural landmarks or culinary experiences. But French photographer François Prost was looking for something altogether different during his recent road trip across America: strip clubs.

From Miami to Los Angeles, Prost’s latest book “Gentlemen’s Club” charts his route across the US via nearly 150 strip clubs with names like Pleasures, Temptations and Cookies N’ Cream. There isn’t a single nude woman to be seen, however, as Prost’s camera was exclusively trained on the buildings themselves — and specifically their often-colorful facades.

Over the course of five weeks in 2019 he traversed over 6,000 miles, with the resulting photos capturing everything from the pastel hues of Florida’s Club Pink Pussycat to venues hiding in plain sight in the country’s more religious states. 

“I’d divide these venues into two types: One is very integrated into the public landscape, and one is a bit more hidden and dodgy,” Prost said, speaking to CNN on a video call and email. 



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