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The Rise of Atlanta’s Strip-Club DJs as Music Moguls (via WSJ.com)




“ATLANTA—On a recent Monday evening, 12 of the most powerful figures in this city’s music industry gathered over Buffalo wings and Sprite in a cramped recording studio, making decisions that could propel a handful of aspiring musicians to prominence in some of the most important venues in town: strip clubs.

Atlanta’s strip clubs are a proving ground for rap and hip-hop songs aiming for mainstream recognition. The DJs who provide the soundtrack at such clubs have formed an alliance that picks potential hits and—for a fee—promotes them via regular, coordinated play at a dozen clubs throughout the city.

Each member of Coalition DJs, as the group calls itself, is responsible for spinning five new songs two to three times a night over an eight-week period, working them in between better-known hits. Artists, who pay several thousand dollars per song for the service, get a customized printout of data verifying where and when their song was played.”

Read more at the Wall Street Journal online:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323455104579013203147216442.html?curator=MediaREDEF&mod=rss_media_marketing

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