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Shaman’s Harvest: A bountiful yield


“Indian Trap” it’s more than a name, it’s a sound


SOiL has earned its lovin’

Mozart La Para


Punk rockers who love soul music

Diamante brings the old-school and new-school together

Toby Keith offers his hilarious ode to the “Green” culture with “Wacky Tobaccy”


Rock Hard & Laugh Out Loud


Men At Work


Blame It On Beckham

Prove To Have The “WINNING” Combination


Message From Sylvia Brings The “HEART OF WAR” To a Strip Club Near You


“Smoke Weed, Eat Pussy” She says


Swimming Pools, Cover Bands & Serendipity



The next great “strip club rock band” has arrived—but are you playing them?









Another Mutt-Lange-produced legend in the making?










StripJoints Music Interview with Saliva.







You’ll always have a good time with Steel Panther!









Who is he? No one’s quite sure — but you’ll dig
A*STAR’s “Dodging Teardrops” all the same!











Heaven’s Basement climbs up from the U.K.
underground and into your club with “Fire, Fire”






The best of classic rock returns with
Heaven & Earth’s “no money, No love”









Hinder pens one for the girls with the party-time rocker, “Ladies Come First”









Aussie rockers Longreef pen their
ode to sex in a “Dirty Motel”








What does the name “Art of Dying” really mean to the band? Check out in the interview!








Who are “Brand New Machine”? Find out more in their latest interview!

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